"You can have too much jewellery said NO-ONE ever"

Here at Merlesque we specialise in Glass dome jewellery, this is a technique in which an image is placed under glass to give a stylish finish.

We use this technique to make beautiful glass dome necklaces with images from pretty patterns, animals, fluros and metallic earrings for everyday wear.
I like to call it "Pretty prints to make you smile"

Each piece is lovingly made here in our studio in Christchurch. Some are ready to go but please allow up to a week for delivery.

We also stock darling little metal studs and metal charm earrings, definitely check them out. Nothing spruces up an old outfit than a new piece of jewellery.

Our jewellery is Nickel free for those sensitive ears.


The Bouquet photo pendants make a beautiful keepsakes for weddings, as does the glass dome cufflinks with words, photos and messages chosen by you. Great gifts for the groomsman. They can individualised to their personalities and likes.

We can make glass dome earrings, necklaces and bracelets for the ladies in the wedding party to go with their dresses.

Double sided necklaces

Merlesque double sided and well known and worn all over New Zealand. Beautiful deisgns that will capture your eye.

Custom Pendants

Our Custom glass dome pendants make a special gift for a friend or relative with quotes and mini discs with childrens name in them.
This year be the person who gives them the gift they love the most. It shows a lot of thought and care.


Grab a little piece of New Zealand jewellery made in New Zealand!

They make a great gift for a travelling friend or relative to keep a piece of New Zealand with them.

Take a look through our ranges, I am sure there will be something that catches your eye and makes you smile.