It’s nearing that time again.

Are you a work from home parent? Here’s my own 10 top tips for you.

1 – BEFORE the school holidays get out 10 pieces of paper ( one for every day of the week) Gather the children and work out a plan, put it into time chunks.

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner.

Allocate time for you to work and time with them. Ask them what they would like to do? Where would they like to go?

Plan movie days ( which can often occupy them so you can work)

Days when Nana or Grandad can have them.

Build a tent in the lounge day! – always a hit in my house. Go down to your local furniture store and get some big boxes. Hours of fun.

Trips to the park in between work.

Do they want a sleepover? – This is a great time to swap kids with friends, even better if it’s swapping with another work from home parent too! This gives you a full day to knuckle down with work.

If you don’t have anyone to help you out. Having this list with the daily routine, lets you all know what’s going on and when. Less frazzle in your head!

2. Give the kids an age appropriate chore to do each day, this will lessen your load. Give them a treat for it,  maybe there’s yummy ice blocks in the freezer or they can stay up half an hour later. Teens might want extra cash..


3-Pack a lunch box every day, like you would for school -maybe pop a few treats in there)  If you do this you don’t have to prepare them meals during the day. Pack one for you too and sit outside in the sunshine eating together ( if there is any!)

This is also great for when you go out, grab the lunch boxes and off you go……..

4-Prepare dinner the night before. Slow cookers are your best friend when you’re a working parent, whether you work from home or not. Chuck it all in, pop the dish in the fridge and turn it on in the morning. Stick to dishes that need rice, pasta or potatoes to finish it off. Quick and easy at the end of the day. I have this oval one from The Warehouse.

5-Get up before the kids to get ahead of the day and to make up for the time you are taking with your children

6-Work when they go to bed – for the same reason as above

7-If the kids are off to a holiday programme, get them to pack their lunches, bags and get out their clothes the night before so there more time and less rush!

8- Let the house get messy and clean it up at the end of the day, don’t put extra pressure on yourself.

9- Sometimes you need to take phone calls or some quiet time to concentrate. Give the kids a prompt so they know eg – a scarf on the door or a do not disturb sign.

Number 10 is the most important.

I know it’s a struggle but ENJOY time with the kids in the holidays. Before you know it, they would have left school and there is no more school holiday adventures. Trust me, it comes quicker than you know it.

Do you have tips for other working parents? We would love to hear them, leave it in the comments below.



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