I grew up in Christchurch, youngest of 6.

My father was the manager of an irrigation business and travelled around a lot, sometimes I would be allowed to go on these trips where I met lots of lovely farming families who treated my Dad like a long lost relative, feeding us scones with jam, cups of tea and good ole raro (I’m sure there was other food but that’s is what sticks in my mind the most).

Now my Dad (Peter – now 86 ) is a storyteller, he knows everything about the history of NZ. Dad’s travelled all over it time and time again. These stories used to bore the begebbers out of me but now I’m a little “cough” older. I’m travelling about more, learning about NZ and having a blast.

Come with me and my travelling companion (Mr Merlesque ) through my blog as I bring Merlesque jewellery to events in cities and towns all over the NZ. I will be writing about the people we meet, places we stay, our favourite places to eat. All the fun & somewhat challenging times.

You might be able to direct us to cool places you think we should visit in your city!

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Come travel with me x