Beautiful Vintage style image of a Grown Tui and juvenile.
This hangs on a long 80cm chain with a small solid heart

Available in Bronze or silver .

Tui are widespread and locally abundant on the North, South and Stewart Islands, and their offshore islands; they are scarce only in drier, largely open, country east of the Southern Alps. Tui are present on the Kermadec and Auckland Islands, and there is a larger subspecies endemic to the Chatham Islands.

They are absent on the Poor Knights Islands probably due to the very high density of bellbirds there competing for a limited nectar resource.

Tui are found in native forest and scrub (sometimes in exotic forests), and in rural gardens, stands of flowering kowhai and gums, and in suburban parks and gardens. There is much local movement, when tui follow a seasonal succession of flowering or fruiting plants. They usually nest in native forest and scrub, but will commute more than 10 km daily to feed on rich sources of nectar.

(Information sourced from New Zealand birds online)


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