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Looking for the ultimate New Zealand souvenir? Perhaps you need to send a gift overseas? Are you trying to find a birthday present for a stamp collector or a native bird lover? Our fantail pendant necklace makes a fabulous gift, no matter who it’s for!

Lovingly handmade right here in NZ, each pendant features a replica of one of our most iconic postage stamps. The fantail was a part of the 1935 NZ Post pictorial issue of native bird stamps. With a halfpenny value, this stamp was widely used to send letters and parcels around our beautiful country. The fantail rests in the foreground of the stamp, proudly showing all twelve feathers of its tail. The piwakawaka as it is called in Maori, flits around the edge of native bush and is often seen in parks and backyards all around the country.

Each pendant measures 25mm across and hangs upon an 80cm ball chain. Made from nickel free metal, which has been plated in either silver or bronze, this is the perfect piece of jewellery for those who suffer from sensitive skin. The fantail replica stamp is carefully positioned with the pendant underneath a glass dome. We’ve added an adorably cute tiny metal heart on the chain right next to the pendant. With this special native bird having captured the hearts of tourists and locals alike, the heart is a beautiful piece of symbolism to have on this necklace.

New Zealand is simply bursting with native flora and fauna. Besides the well-known kiwi, the fantail ranks up there as one of the most popular native birds. These birds pair for life, which is only on average about three years. Both parents take turns to feed the babies and they are fed around the clock every ten minutes! There are three sub-species, out of ten, which live in NZ; the North Island fantail, the South Island fantail and the Chatham Islands fantail.

Easy to care for, simply remove the necklace before entering water and remember to use perfume before you put it on. Our NZ made fantail necklace makes the perfect gift to send overseas. Ready packed in a stylish gift box, it is small and economical to post. This Christmas or birthday, send a little piece of NZ to your loved ones with a fantail pendant necklace.


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