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Timaru Map Pendant Necklace

Do you have a special place in your heart for Timaru? Our Timaru map pendant necklace is a wonderful piece of jewellery which will help you carry a little piece of it with you. Carefully tucked under a glass dome, we’ve positioned a tiny map of this southern city within a 25mm pendant. Each pendant hangs on an 80cm ball chain and you’ll find a solid metal heart placed right next to it too. You can also order a stamped ‘Home’ tag to hang on your chain too, just right for if you consider Timaru to be your hometown or know someone who does.
Perfect for wearing when shopping, working or heading out for dinner, this is one versatile modern necklace! Nickel free and plated with either silver or bronze, this pendant necklace makes a wonderful NZ souvenir for you to keep or give to a loved one. We’ve lovingly handmade each pendant here in New Zealand and packed it in a stylish gift box too.

Timaru was initially named Te Maru (The Shelter) by local Maori who took shelter in the reefs made of solidified lava, created during the eruption of the now extinct local volcano Mt Horrible. Local reefs are not the only things made with volcanic bluestone though, as many of the Victorian and Edwardian buildings are also constructed with this hard material. It also has one of the largest man made harbours in the world, which is home to the South Island’s largest export port, PrimePort.

Timaru is Canterbury’s second largest city and just over 150km south of its largest city, Christchurch. This port city on the East Coast of the South Island plays host to the annual Timaru Festival of Roses and with two rose gardens of national significance within the town, things are certainly blooming! A visit to the South Canterbury Museum will give you the chance to see some Maori rock art and Moa fossils, along with many early European artefacts and settlement information.
Caring for your NZ souvenir pendant is easy. Simply remove it before you go into any water and avoid spraying perfume on it. Made with love and attention to detail, this piece of NZ made jewellery is sure to give the wearer many years of enjoyment.

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