Lets start the journey with about how much I literally loathe crap o’clock flights.
Until I see the sun comes up.
Breathtaking…………Then I yawn and go to sleep…



Kia Orana

“May you live a long and fulfilling life”

Kia Orana is both a blessing and a wish for good fortune.  It’s the greeting you hear everywhere you go.

I don’t know any place that’s as laid back and friendly.
People who had been to Raro spoke of “Island time” I kinda thought, oh yeah, sure.
Nope, they were 100% correct. As soon as you get off the plane, you walk into the airport you feel it, It’s like travelling back in time. No one  is rushing you through the very small customs lounge, your standing around chatting to fellow travellers and listening to a gentleman who has been singing and greeting people with his music, since wayyy back when.
This is when you should get duty free alcohol at the CITC if you haven’t. It’s expensive to buy from bottle stores.

Getting around the island…

Don’t you dare get a car if it’s just you and a friend or partner.
I know, ARGHHH, intrepid  journeys, but what if I crash, someone might hit me. I was somewhat apprehensive too!
DO IT. It’s a 45min trip round the island, you can do it everyday. It’s so much fun.
You would miss so much in a car. We took a few trips out in the backroads to see the local produce growing, the graveyards of loved ones on people lands. I adore that they keep their family close.
EVERYONE has a scooter.The most dangerous part of the experience is watching out for the chickens and dogs which travel…………slowly……….everywhere.

They are all very friendly, I secretly think they own the island..

If your going out to partake in a few beersies. Get the bus, there are 2 that run clockwise and anticlockwise until about 3am in the morning. I’m not kidding. It’s flippin fantastic!
Oh and you will be pleased to know that drinking out is CHEAP AS CHIPS. $2 tequila shots
$4 and $5 glasses of wine and spirits. I felt like I was drinking back in the 90’s again!
If you feel like getting your party pants on. Get yourself on the Troppo bus tour, Visit the local bars and make new facebook friends.

Things to do.

1 – Captains Tamas lagoon cruise.
These guys are HILAROUS and they put on a great show. You go snorkling in beautiful clear waters with super big fish and I even saw a massive eel. (Chardonnay) She left her rock hideaway when we turned up and went to another – I could almost read her mind “ GO AWAY!!”
After snorkling they took us over to an island,cooked up a huge BBQ and put on a great show.
It’s a big day, you will be tired. That’s a night to plan to relax.

2 – Te vara nui night show.
The stage is set in the middle of a manmade lagoon with fire and dancers. It’s impressive and worth every penny. There is a buffet dinner filled with a wonderful selection of food. I love the interaction with the crowd and that Te Vara – the founder is there to greet everyone. She just happens to be that beautiful island lady in the first Tiptop ads and is still equally as beautiful and graceful in her older years.
3 – Buggys
What can I say, see the island in a buggy, hear the story of the abandoned mansion, eat great food, get insanely muddy, wash it off in a waterfall. So much fun.


Go to the Saturday market, food, music, stalls,crafts, massages. Support the locals.
Muri night market. SO MUCH GREAT FOOD If your on budget this is the place to go. It’s open 4 nights a week.
Maire Nui Botanical Gardens – Not only does it have delicious food, it also has a beautiful botanic garden to scroll through.

My raro travel tips.

1 – Buy Duty free booze. Its very expensive to buy at the bottle stores.
2 – Bring your own breakfast and snack food to save money.
3 – Join the Raro Facebook page. They have great tips, you can ask all sorts of things and get replies from locals and other travellers.
4 – Stock up on water at the supermarket so you can take it with you. Don’t drink the tap water. YUK.
5 – There is 1 TV channel (well 2 if you live there) Most resorts have dvds to hire or bring your own.
6 – Wifi is SO SO expensive, Go to the blue skies booth and get a sim card with a package or just switch off. You are on raro time.
7 – Unless your going at a peak time. Get the island map from the Airport when you arrive and use the vouchers in their to get a discount on tours etc.
8 – Pack bug spray!!!!! Or you will get eaten alive!
10 – If you want to know what being in finding nemo is like – Go snorkling. I’m addicted. I felt like I met everyone of Nemos family and friends.
Most importantly relax,  lie on the beaches, read a book, turn off your cellphone and enjoy
Island life.
It’s beautiful and you will become addicted.


Have you been to Raro? I’d love to hear your highlights in the comments below

11 Responses

  • Don’t catch that stupid o’clock flight. Catch the one that leaves Auckland at 9am ish. You get into Raro at 2.30pm. Much better time.

    • Unfortuntely I’m in christchurch so we had to get a connecting flight which leaves soooo early!!!

  • We have been to raro 4 times now..we love it there! We went in April and hired a brand new beach house with friends.way cheaper than a resort.
    We recommend Tamarind House and Albertos for dining out,we hired a tuk tuk instead of a taxi to get there and back..was heaps of fun!
    Can’t beat Crown resort or Manuia resort for cocktails and watching sunset,very romantic!

    • We are totally going back. Next time we want to get a tuktuk, they look like heaps of fun. We stayed at the Crown resort. It had a great reef for snorkling..and cocktails.

  • Love..love ..love Raro.
    I could go back tomorrow.
    We took snack food with us,but i didnt think the food at the supermarket was to much dearer. We stayed at waterfrount Apaertment. Awesome place. We got a car and it only cost us $30.00 for fuel for 7 days running around… was about $300.00 to hire though..but we could pack up for a day out and we explored the island and drive around it every day.
    Love..love..love it there.

  • I went to Raro 6.5 years ago. Absolutely LOVED it! Such a beautiful island, and a lovely place to holiday. The snorkling really is addictive – I was a little hesitant early off as I was a bit scared (don’t enjoy swimming in open water and wasn’t confident on my ability to swim!) but once I got in I didn’t want to get out! I went with a group of about 10 friends, but really want to go back just hubby and I. He has never been and I’d love to do it just the two of us so things can be a little more on “island time” and relaxing, as with a big group and people there all at different times we had to preplan the main activities! Captain Tamas was my favourite too!! They are awesome 🙂

    • I felt the same way about snorkling. It was absolutely amazingggg being so close to all the beautiful fish. We stayed at the Crown Resort and it had the most beautiful beach and amazing sunset. I highly recommend going back with hubby and wandering around the island together at a slower pace x

  • Love love Raro … we are going again on 4 July for 4 weeks and can’t wait!! Great blog and spot on with recommendations … our favourite place was Cocoputt Mini Putt putt golf … cheap and great food, best Sunday buffet on the island with great entertainment.

  • Love love love Raro!! My husband and I go once a year we love it so much. So easy to get to from auckland with the Air NZ morning flight arriving at raro around 3pm. We head back at the end of august for our 4th trip woohoo cant wait! We dont bother going anywhere else lol. Snorkelling, sunbaking with a book, drinking yummy cocktails and blatting round on our scooter with the wind in our hair. Raro is the best. ????

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