Merlesque glass dome earring and metal earring collection

There is something for everyone!
Darlin little studs for all ages handmade with images encased under glass domes.

Mixed silver plated metal earrings on short or long hooks.

Our newest range “Metallic” has gorgeous Mint, rose gold, yellow gold and silver foil,giving it a luxurious and stylish look to each glass dome image.Each one is handmade and unique.

The best way to care for your glass dome jewellery is to put them on after you have put on your perfume and hair products to keep them shiny.

Although each glass dome is sealed with a special glaze, please don’t wear them in the shower or water as I cannot guarantee that the water won’t get in, ruining your favourites!

Just recently I started making clip on glass dome earrings for those of you who choose not to get their ears pierced and it’s also a great way to “compromise” with young girls who are begging to get them done.

Should you have an image in mind that you would like adorning your lobes. Please contact me to discuss your ideas and I’m sure we can make it happen!