Should you, or should you not let your children get their ears pierced.

When I had mine pierced, I was 8. I couldn’t WAIT, so exciting!!!

My girl fashion obsession was now open to collecting earrings.

Although I really just wore sleepers. I wasn’t very adventurous. It was more the excitement of being able to.

It was like an initiation into a special group.

I didn’t wear them for a while at intermediate.  I remember my earring obsession reigniting in my early high school years and painfully pushing a safety pin through mine and a mates half closed holes.  I was that friend!

This is a highly controversial subject amongst parents

What group are you in?

Are you the, YES, YES, YES as soon as they ask, you have whipped them down to the local pharmacy and are rotating that earring stand faster than a Lamborghini driving Route 66.

Maybeeeee you had your daughter’s ears pierced when she was a little bub. It’s quite common in many cultures.

My friend took her daughter to visit her husband’s family and when they went out, leaving their infant daughter with them, they returned home to find their darling daughter sporting gold diamond earrings….

Imagine the shock! Let’s just say she has to culturally sensitive to the situation before her…

Are you, as the mother all for it? but perhaps Dads not keen at all.

Or your keen and your daughter is not!

Your child’s friends are all getting them done but you don’t feel it is the right time.

You really want to but your worried about what others may think?

Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

If she is an infant, you will be responsible for taking care of them. They can get infected, caught on clothing, pulled by other little kids who like shiny objects.

They are sensitive for about 6 weeks, your little one might be restless, find it hard to sleep and they don’t understand why. Nor can you explain it.

On the other side, they will look pretty cute! You won’t have to have the conversation about it and they won’t remember if it hurt or not.

 If your child is in the 8 and over bracket, is she able to care for them herself?

Does he/she play sport? that can be a factor, earrings ripped out of ears can sometimes mean they cannot be re-pierced or be able to be pierced in the same place.

These are things that you should discuss with them too.

This issue isn’t just reserved for the girls. My son was 10 when he wanted to get his ear pierced, a few boys at school had taken up the craze and so off we went.

I hear lots of earring stories at markets and back in my pharmacy days.

A mother once told me that she took her daughter to a piercing place ( not a pharmacy, the places that do all parts of your body) she thought that they would be professional. They pierced her daughter’s ears with the wrong size rod and the earrings went through the holes and embedded in her ears during the night. YOUCH, she had to have them cut out. Hence she doesn’t ever want earrings again!

I’m not trying to put you off or scare you, but you need to be careful where you go, word of mouth is the best source of information and checking the certification.

I also chatted to a grown women who had never had her ears pierced and wanted to when was younger but her mum did not and ingrained into her that it really hurt and now she was fearful.

Hey, I’m not all doom and gloom!

There is a Bonus, you can go earring shopping together and it’s another item you can buy for gifts, earrings are fun! There is nothing like being a young lady graduating from studs to dangly earrings.

After the six weeks is over and you can change the earrings, be careful what metal you buy.

They must all be hypo allergenic, nickel free. All earrings made here at Merlesque are completely nickel free. Check out the range of cute glass dome studs.

Have you decided, no not yet? 

Clips on are a great alternative for parents wanting to delay it a few more years and your child is looking longingly at her friends.We stock some super cute patterns to make her smile and prolong the event ( and whinging)

Interesting facts :

In Mexico, you can get your child’s ears pierced at the hospital!

In the UK a petition went round to ban piercing children’s ears as it was seen as cruelty. It didn’t happen! I guess to many earring addict women felt the same about earrings as they did about burning bras.

The Hindu practise of ear piercing called Karna vedha sanskar is common in India. Some believe it wards off evil spirits and others believe it is therapeutic.

Many moons ago when men sailed the sea, they wore an earring with a gemstone in their ear, if they didn’t make the trip back and died or found at sea, it paid for their burial and grog! ( I suspect a few earrings returned to the land without the owner)

Whatever your opinion is on the subject, it’s totally up to you and your family.

Good luck!


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