Do you have a business or hobby that you want to take to the public?

A great way to get your name and brand out there is to get amongst it!

Attend one of your local markets, maybe even travel out of town to a big craft/Expo event


You don’t know unless you give it a go and you learn along the way BUT first there are a few things you need to know!


1 – Protection of the stallholder kind..

Now we all know that the weather can change several times a day in good ole NZ.

Some events require you to have a gazebo or just an umbrella like one of these.

You need protection from the wind and rain. You will need weights/sandbags, pegs and walls for the gazebo. Don’t forget to put a hammer in your kit too!

Leave these at home and you will REGRET it. I have seen many fly away and end up in a crumpled heap or stock ruined by a downpour of rain. Trust me, you cannot fit a beaten gazebo back in your car and there is nothing worse than unpacking soggy stock..

Same goes for clothing, be prepared. You dont want to spend the day shivering or sweating!. Pack clothes and a change of shoes for the weather.

Of course this doesn’t apply when you are inside but you need to take your back into consideration. A small trolley can be a godsend if you have to lug everything inside. Here’s the one I have.

2- Your set up

Just like above ask yourself, will your product display stand up to a gust of wind or end up in the neighbours like your underwear at home. Pieces of paper will fly away like seagulls, tall pretty stands will fall like dominoes, mirrors will smash thinking you are having all your 8 years bad luck in one go!  It can ruin your entire day and put you off so be prepared from the start.

Also get tablecloths that cover the table to the ground, it looks tidier, you can hide all your boxes and extra stock underneath it rather than looking like a garage sale out the back of your site.

3 – Signage

EVERYTHING needs a price, the more info the better. Colours, sizes, what you offer etc

Signs for your business are super important so they know who you are from a distance. The more professional you look, the more trustworthy you will appear.

4- Taking payment

Cash is fine and expected, make sure you have lots of small notes as cash machines spit out the large ones so expect loads of those. It’s so annoying when a couple of fifties eating your float by 10am.

If it’s going to become a regular thing, you may want to look into an Eftpos machine or a Payclip.

It creates sales as people,

*  Run out of cash

* Use their Eftpos so they have more available cash for other stalls. You don’t need to accept VISA as I find most customers just use it for the points and will quickly whip out an Eftpos card instead. If you have high priced product’s it’s really a good idea as people tend to only carry a small amount of cash on them these days.

5- Be friendly to fellow stallholders

If your new introduce yourself, say hello to your neighbour.

They can be a great resource if you require a toilet stop or food which can be far away.

Which is another reason for no.3 If you have to go away it makes it easier for someone standing in for 5 or 10mins.

DISCLAIMER – not all neighbours want to be your friend and not all will reply with an equally enthusiastic response, hey at least you tried.

6 – Take notes

Whether it’s to contact someone later, a thought about a product or taking an order. Have pen and paper handy. Also add a small stationery kit, cellotape, bluetack,stapler, scissors etc

7 – Where do they find you?

Have cards/brochures with your contact details and facebook, instagram, website information on it. Get them designed and buy them from Vistaprint. CHEAP AS CHIPS and you can give those babies out like lolly scramble.

8- Do you have a website?

Use an Ipad to collect email addresses for your database. Sign up to Mailchimp and use the free app. It doesn’t require wifi. HOORAY!


Get up, greet every customer. Don’t sit there with your head in a book. This is your business, your product. You are the face behind it.

10 – Last but not least a big smile, a welcoming attitude goes miles! Oh and a large bottle of water, it’s thirsty work talking all day!

Good luck! Any questions please ask

Apryl x



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